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Company registration South africa

Why register your company?

Attract bigger companies

Most big companies prefer working with registered companies. So by registering your company, you are giving yourself a chance to be able to work with big companies.

Limited liability

If you register your company you will have limited liability. That means you won't the personally liable for your companies debt, and your personal property won't be at risk if you are unable to settle your companies debt.

Reputation with customers

Having a registered company gives your customers and clients, especially those you have never worked with, insurance that you are not just a fly-by-night operation. Customers will be comfortable spending their money with you when they know you are an established company.

Business Loans

For you to be able to get a business loan you need to prove that you are an established company. If you also want a credit card for your business creditors with want to see your company papers.

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Company registration process

1.Apply Online

The first step in your company registration is to complete and fill our online form.

2.Payment & name search

You need to make a payment after which we will start the name search for your company.

3.Submit your documents

We will send you a link to upload your certified copy of your id, and that's it. Your company will be registered.

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What documents are needed for company registration?

We will need certified copies of IDs or passports for all the directors. Note the certified copies must not be older than 3 months.

Can I register a company in South Africa as a foreigner?

Yes, a foreigner can register a company in South Africa. After you have submitted your online application form we will send you a list of the requirements needed.

Is there any other cost for my company registration?

No, we do not charge any additional fees for company registrations.

How long will the company registration process take?

It all depends on the workload at the CIPC but usually, the process doesn't take more than a week.